Wheel Maintenance Video

Rotating Side Pockets (Wear Pads) on Revolution Wheels to Avoid Excessive Wear

When the Side Pockets that hold the Long teeth on the Revolution wheel begin to wear below the edge of the wheel, it is an indication the Side Pockets needs to be rotated to another position on the wheel. This is done by selecting any two adjacent stations (a station being two teeth and two side pockets with one being pinned and the other unpinned) on the wheel and interchanging the pinned pockets first, ensuring the unworn end is closest to the edge of the wheel. Next interchange the unpinned pockets opposite the pinned, again being sure the unworn edge is closest to the edge of the wheel. This process should be duplicated around the wheel until all Side pockets have an unworn edge along the edge of the wheel. Rotating the pockets is necessary to extend the life of your Revolution Wheel.


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