Posted on by Norman Clark

I purchased a New River wheel for my hydraulic stump grinder to improve the rate of production. At first it was the improved efficiency that impressed me. Over time I began to realize the true value of the improved wheel. Not only do I get more work done in less time, I also use less fuel per stump. This equates to less maintenance per stump and more stumps ground per day. After several hundred hours I became aware that I was replacing teeth much less frequently. In fact I have put hundreds of hours on teeth without replacing them as long as I don't encounter metal in the ground/stump. By my calculations, stump grinding is producing 5-7% more net profit just by changing the wheel. This has changed how I look at providing this service for my clients. When I have needed parts or had questions New River has always responded quickly and been very knowledgeable and helpful. I now have two machines running the New River wheel. I wouldn't consider using any other style of wheel. When compromise isn't an option, New River is the smart choice. 

-W. Tod Miller Sherdec Tree Service, LLC